Royal Knight

by raxziel

I am Kahel. After 2 years of training to become a knight I am given the opportunity to join the king along with the other knights on a journey to the south. The expedition is for expanding alliances through out the land. The king have always chosen to go and speak to other leaders of other lands to recognize friendship towards kingdoms and maintain peace thru out the whole land but there are other kingdoms who does not care for peace only seek power and envy other prosperous kingdoms. The alliance was successful but during the journey back I sense something bad will happen not a moment later, a herd of armed people surrounded us and made an ambush trying to kill our king. The knights bravely fought back and protected the king. I didn’t a second chance and stood up to protect the king. I always has this ability to sense danger around me and it has always help me in times of trouble. We became out numbered but the knights fought bravely. I was left to protect the king at some point. I took the king behind my back but the king take out his sword and started to fight beside me and said “Don’t mock an old man child. I can wield a sword better than those knights myself”. Even if outnumbered, we won that fight and the king made me one of his best knights after that. Just after a year he made me captain and as I have continued to impress him he have trusted me so much to lead his troop in taking over a land on the north who has been attacked by rebels. As always I am victorious but when I came home to our land I saw our kingdom at war. I and my men rushed to the battle as I saw the castle on fire. I hurried inside and look for the king. While looking for the king I saw dead knights. Then I heard a voice “My best knights are dead. We where caught by surprised.” As I looked I saw the king badly wounded covered with blood. I rushed to him and he whispered “The kingdom has fallen”. I responded strongly, “No! There is still hope for the kingdom and our people. I will save our beloved land”. The king uttered his last words “Then go and leave with our remaining knights and take back our beloved land. Be king”.

I gathered the remaining knights and fled. “Are we escaping captain”, they asked. “No! We will be preparing to take what is rightfully ours. That is the kings order.” After that incident, my men and  I have worked hard on a plan to save our lost kingdom. Everyday we lived our lives preparing for the day that we finally take our beloved land back from its takers, the Imperians. The day came and we arrived at our old kingdom determined to take it back. We where incredibly victorious but I came across a painful realization that night. The Knight Captain who help me enter the contest for the selection of the future knights. The one who taught me the ways of battle and handling a sword is the traitor who made the fall of our kingdom possible and the one who killed the king. With vengeance I ended his life and that is when I became the king ruler of the whole Celestial Kingdom. I am Lord Kahel Elionhart.