No Work All Play

by raxziel

I were finally allowed to go out of the palace and to the center of the city when I were 11. I’m glad that I don’t need to sneak in and out of the castle they might thought there is no use in forbidding me to do so I can sneak in and out with using my own free will anyway and they cannot stop me. My brother is also 11 when he were officially allowed to go out to away from the castle. My brother doesn’t like going out of the castle though. He usually stays in his training and focus on becoming a real Man of the castle.

After my training in the morning I am always excited to go out in the center of the city to see other people and places. The market is specially a busy a place. The plaza where a lot of people performed in the street and play their own composed music. People dancing to their tunes. I enjoy being outside. Further more across the street I see people right around my age playing. They are playing a game called Ring Match. The is composed of 10 poles and played inside a large area which they call field. The field has 5 poles in each end that consist of 5 different colors. The objective of the game is to throw and have the right colored ring be inserted in the right colored pole. The challenge is that the pole is guarded by the opposite team so you wont be able to score a point by successfully inserting the ring on to the poles. Both team needs to place they rings on the poles of the other team. The poles can be placed strategically anywhere inside the field by your opponent. The team who has the highest score wins. When I approach them they let me join the game and teach me how to play it. I met new friends that they and I very much liked the game. In fact I so much liked the game I brought it at the castle. I am able to convince my older brother to play it with me and he liked the game as well. We always play together since then. That is also the time when we bonded and  I got closer with my older brother. Through playing the game longer we kind of modified the rules and played a larger field. The field became the whole palace ground which made it more difficult and challenging. My brother climbed up and placed his pole on the top of the room. I climbed and placed mine on a higher room. Every after the game we get so tired but laughing because of the fun we had playing.