by raxziel

I still enjoy the times that I can go out far away from the castle. I was able to explore the land and see new things. It changed after my 12 birthday. When I am walking across the hall near my fathers throne room I over heard him and a messenger talking. The news is about the threat that a number of imperian spy was able to enter the land and spotted lurking around. It alarmed my father for the imperians have always wanted to terrorize our land. He right away deployed knights to patrol around our kingdom. He then forbidden us to go out of the caslte to be safe. I didn’t want that to happen and so is my brother this is because I found out that my brother has a girlfriend outside of the castle and not being able to go out means not seeing his girlfriend. I found out about his girlfriend one day when I was walking at the center of the city and I saw my brother talking to a girl. I didn’t mention that I know of his girlfriend though. He debate with our father and said that he can take care of himself that he be allowed to go out of the castle. My father agreed to let my brother still go out of the castle. I told my father that I too should be allowed because that will be unfair. He said he will let me go out but he will one of his well skilled fighter go with me. The fighter turns out to be the father of my brother’s girlfriend.

I didn’t like the idea that one of my father’s guard will follow me whenever I go out of the castle but I took whatever bargain I get. One day I got sick of being followed that I spot an opportunity too flee. I saw a crowd and run towards it. I know the guard followed me I ran so quick that I lost him. The problem is I find myself lost in an abandoned and creepy place. I tried to trace my steps to get back but I got lost even more. Then, I hear people coming I thought of coming to them for directions but I decided to hide instead for I feel like those people cannot be trusted. I hid behind a rock not far from them. I saw 3 men talking to each other. “This is a nice place to hide. We planned for this a long time. We don’t want to screw this up. We will stay here until they feel that their little kingdom is safe from us again”. They are planning something bad and I decided to find out about it so I continued to spy until dark. As I continue to spy I saw that they are creating a map of the whole kingdom. The worst thing happen. I accidentally step on a branch that made a noise and they discovered me. I can see the look in their eyes that they are so ready to kill me. I ‘m thinking of running but my feet just wont move. The first man took out his sword and ready to swing it on me. I thought about the training I’ve been doing and I thought and this is the time to put all I’ve learned in to use that this is what I have trained for. So when the Man slash his sword on me I was dodge it and run. The coward me just run but they caught up on me. I had no choice but to defend myself then when the Man is about to strike me with his long and sharp sword an arrow shot him right to his chest. When I looked I saw my brother with a group of knights.

They hold the two men prisoner and discovered the planned attack on our kingdom. The map they are making is the whole map of the kingdom that they will use to strategize their plan. I was thankful for my brother but when I came to thank him about saving my life he yelled at me and said that what I did is foolish. It turns out that our father the king have cast out the guard that should be protecting me away from our kingdom for failing to watch over me when I got lost. That means my brother’s girlfriend also needs to move away with his father. I went to our father the king and told him not to cast out the guard who he assigned to watch me. My father decided not to cast him out but he never want to see them again inside the castle. I didn’t know what happened to my brother and his girlfriend after that. It took a month before my brother talked to me again after that incident.