by raxziel

Inside the library of the castle there is a small room that is locked. I never wonder what is inside that room until I turned 10. I asked my father about it and he told me that inside that room is the knowledge kept hidden, a secret that is only for our family to know. He said a book that my great grandfather himself has written is inside that room. I got curious about the secret so I came to the library locked picked the door of the small room and came in. I didn’t know at first that my father tricked me in doing that and he actually did the same with my older brother. It was true though, a book written by my grandfather is there, I took it and started to read it.

Through the book I got to know my great grandfather and his heroic acts. I also found a map. The map is a fake one though and only created by my father to trick me. I didn’t know it was fake until later that week. The map leads to an area far away from the castle. I followed the map first thing in the morning and I didn’t noticed that the map’s path is strategically place to train the me. I had go through a forest and I even encountered a bear inside it. Of course I run like hell when I saw it. I had to cross a scary swamp and I had climb a hill to get to the other side. At the other side a saw a cave guarded by 2 our guards in our palace. I got even more curious but I do not intend to be seen. I think of a way to distract them to look on the other side as I hide behind a rock not far from the are. I threw a stone to get their attention and I was able to sneak in. Inside I saw a Piano with a letter that says “Happy Birthday” it was a birthday gift from my father. I never thought my father would actually plan something like this just to give me a gift. He did the same thing with my older brother on his 12 birthday and I didn’t know what his gift to my brother is until I turned 13. I also came to know that my brother have experienced much more hardship following that map than I did.