by raxziel

My father have still always been strict but I respect him a lot. On my 8 birthday he gave me Violin as he have discovered how I like music. He knows how to play it too so he spends his time teaching me and we even play together sometimes. I was really happy that I get to play Violin with my father and I seem to have mastered it quite well than the flute. The happy days of mine changed when I saw my father talking to a Man in a serious face. Since then my father doesn’t want to be disturbed anymore. He spent most of his time in his room and talking to the castle’s officials.

One time I got so curious that I went to him and asked why he so busy all of a sudden. He vaguely explained but all I can remember is his words “Sometimes to achieve order on both ends, one must disagree even if it means fighting the other side”. After I heard that from my father I remember how my older brother is trained to fight. I have never want to fight and hurt anyone. I never knew how that thing that made my father so busy turned out. All I hoped is that the fighting ends because I know no matter how I pictured it, fighting will always end to someone getting hurt.

When I turned 8 my father introduced me to Dulcar Alguste, on of the captain in his Royal Guards and told me. It is time for me to learn how to defend myself. I know the day will come that I will be taught how to fight just like my older brother since the day I saw my brother training on how to throw a knife and use a sword. My father throws an excuse that he wants me and my brother to come with him when he goes hunting that he will not be that much worried anymore if we learn how to defend ourselves and fight in case a wild animal attack us during the hunting. My brother just kept silent and proceed on learning to fight and I’m sure my father said the same excuse. I did what I have to and just like my older brother, I started my training on how to fight and defend myself. The training is strict and hard something that I never pictured. I even thought my brother is doing something worse since he is older than me. I run, I climb, I jump and I run some more. The training is excruciating. Tired as I am I did what my father wants me to do I learned how to use a sword and throw a knife. I also learned how to hold and fire a gun at that early age and came to knew that I even learned it first than my older brother.

I came to realize the war that my father and all of his knights had and the men killed during it. Fear broke on me and I can’t explain how I feel. I questioned myself, is this what I will be doing when I grow older? Lead war and countless of battle. Am I destined to hold a sword or a gun and kill a man for the sake of our land? Is taking someone’s life inevitable if you are to defend your kingdom?