by raxziel

My father is a bold and righteous man as I have believed. He is very strict in everything that a man is suppose to do. I hear him shout at people but I barely pay attention on the detail of what he is yelling about. I grew a bit scared of my father because of that but I can’t just follow everything he wants me to do all the time. There are incidents that I do not do what I am told and I get yelled at just the same with the other people in the castle but I have a passion. Music, I know I have only able to sneak out of the castle a few times but I was able to meet a kid as the same age as I am when I got a chance to go far from the castle. There is this one time I got tired of reading books and being stuck in the big library so I decided to run away and sneak from everyone in the castle until I finally got out. I climb up a window, hide under a table, behind the huge statue of my great grand father and I was able to get out. I run and run not thinking of where I want to go. I hated my father that time for making me do all the reading where I just wanted is to play outside and the night after he scolded me, I run off. When I was running I heard a music and I am very intrigue about what I am hearing. I followed my ears and saw a kid holding a pipe and playing with it as a musical instrument. I like what I am hearing until I have noticed I already went too near to her that made me visible. She stop playing and look at me surprised. “What is that?” I asked. She answered “It’s a flute my father makes one for a living”. A man suddenly came out from a small house and walk towards us. “Who is your friend?” the Man asked  and before the girl replies the Man stop with rounded eyes, shocked as he looked at me and said “Judging from the way you look and clothed you came from a wealthy family”. I introduced myself but I unintentionally hid my true identity. When the Man asked me where I am from I was not able to answer right away. The girl suddenly speak and introduce herself “I am Claudia and this is my father”. Her father invited me to come inside the house but I decided to go. Claudia spoke, “Do you like this? You can have it” She said. “Visit us again next time and I will teach you how to use it” I looked at her and her father and they both smiled at me. I bowed my head and said thank you and then I went home.

Since then I usually sneak out of the castle to go visit her but it was just a moment of time when the people of the castle noticed. I hid the flute safely but I got caught one time when I’m about to get back in the castle. That night a messenger called me and told me that I am being summoned by my father. I went up to my fathers room scared. “I know you are sneaking in and out of the castle lately” he said. My heart just started to pound harder and harder, faster and faster. “Are you good in playing it now?” he asked. “I know about the flute” he added. I showed him the flute and told him its not that easy to use. He laugh and said “I didn’t know you have such passion in music but I have heard you play you indeed really need an improvement”. “But I usually run out of air when I blow on it and when I blow too soft the sound won’t come out and when I blow hard the sound is just different” I replied. My father laugh really hard. I never heard him laugh like that before. “How long have you been sneaking in out of the castle?” He asked. I answered more than 2 weeks already. The next words of my father really moved me and the fear I have for him just disappeared. “2 Weeks? Nice work.” “You know who is really good in playing the flute? Your grandfather.” he said. “Really?” I replied amazed. “How about you? Have you ever tried playing it?” I added. “I tried but you are right it’s not really my thing” He responded and laugh. That is the first bonding time I ever had with my father and I just realized that my father was not really that scary at all that I don’t hate my father. I love him.