Childhood Memoir

by raxziel

I am Raxziel. As a kid I grew a bit differently from other kids of my age. Being the son of the king you must be thinking I’d be the happiest kid in the land. Yes, I live in the castle with a lot of skilled knights to protect me, plenty of food to eat and things only wealthy people can enjoy but in my early age I am given a weight on my shoulder that no normal kid would want to carry. When I was 5 I used to sneak out of the castle to see how the other kids are living there normal life, dancing, laughing, playing around like what normal 5 year old kids really do. I watched in envy as I am little by little dragged by my feet to go and join the fun they are having. Then, as I go near, the kids will just stare at me, startled to see my fine built, neat clothes, well groomed hair and descent posture. Before I get to say a word the royal guards will just find me and bring me back to the castle. When I get back I will get scolded and lectured about how important my role is and the big responsibility I have and actions such as leaving the castle like that can put me in danger as so is the land. Over and over I am reminded of the people that rely on me and the land I represent and needs to look after.

When I turned 7, I spent my whole childhood studying and reading. Days, weeks and months passed by. As a child I spent my whole day in a big room full of books reading about the history of our land, experienced of people who have been idolized by everyone for their noble and heroic acts. While I’m busy on learning I can’t help but notice the noise outside. I look at the window and I see my older brother outside the ground being thought on how to fight. My brother just turned 10 and I can see that he has been molded on what my father calls as a worthy successor of the throne. Watching my brother fight I can already picture myself on the same situation.